Who is Sam Armijos?

I love Fabric Structures!

It all started for me in Graduate School where I did my masters thesis on Tents. During that time, I met many of the major players and pioneers in the field: Horst Berger, Bill Moss, disciples of Frei Otto, etc. I went on to work at FTL Design Engineering Studio in NYC and then started my own company called Nomadic Structures designing all types of fabric structures from beach cabanas to large amphitheaters.

I also went on to teach fabric structures in Architecture School in Philadelphia and managed to build a couple of projects overseas too in places as far as Bangkok and Costa Rica.

I’ve learned over the past 20 years that my real talent is helping people get fabric structures built. I’ve worked with German, British and Australian companies on projects in the US and now I represent the largest company in North America.

FabriTec is a Design/Build firm that specializes in what is referred in the Architectural community as “Fabric Structures”. In simple terms, these are custom tents, awnings, umbrellas, canopies and lightweight structures made of durable architectural fabrics.

I have experience in a number of materials and a variety of projects from awnings to domes stadiums. I also use both my own personal website (www.fabricarchitect.com) and blog to educate those interested in learning more about fabric structures.

In 2009, I published a book entitled Fabric Architecture (W.W. Norton) as a visual resource catalog to assist those interested in building fabric structures.

Let me help you get your fabric structure built.


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