Make mine a Fabric Architect House!

summer houseThis Fabric house was inspired by the Frey/Kocher weekend house but takes “canvas” to the next level. A canvas house is now possible due the durability of the material. The material can be made into panels and become a floor, a wall, a ceiling and more with no fear of fire and smoke. The fabric is interchangeable for all surfaces and depending on the fabric chosen, different levels of light translucency, color and texture is achievable. Today’s Architectural materials are waterproof enough to be used as an inverted umbrella which not only provides shade but collects water too.

Make mine a Fabric Architect House!


One response to “Make mine a Fabric Architect House!

  1. This Post provides the useful information about How we can make our own fabric house and the fabric used in this house is interchangeable, fully light translucency and waterproof in nature, now it is easily available in a wide range of colors according to the client requirements. Thanks for sharing this informative post.

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