Fabric Structures in your Backyard

Just in case you haven’t noticed, there are more fabric structures being built in your own backyard. It all depends on where your backyard happens to be. It could be in the back of your house, on the main highway in your city or even indoors in a place you frequent. They are light, you can light them and they transform space.

Seen a couple of new and interesting fabric structures lately and I thought I would share.

O.Ice Skating 003The Originators showed me an interesting structure they cal “trumpets” that are used for an ice skating show in the Boston area. I can see these wrapping columns, laying on the ground as sculpture even working outdoors for special events.

Made with spandex, you can light them, have graphics applied to them and they come neatly packaged.

Anaheim projectAnaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center, also known as the ARTIC, is bringing ETFE acceptance to a new level. Under construction in Disney’s backyard in California, it will be a new hub for both resident and tourist. Cheaper and lighter than glass, the make the main structural frame even lighter.

renderingLooker for something smaller or modular, here is an idea called a “hypar umbrella”. I call mine iHYPAR. Its a framework for a multiple of tensile opportunities. The Hypar umbrella frame can support cable netting like a horizontal “green screen”, stretch fabric for special events, coated materials for waterproof applications and photo voltaic and even “hard” materials that can be formed into hypars.


Light is more.


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