Structures with Benefits

The owner, architect and user all agree they want a fabric structure because of its lightweight festive atmosphere it produces. They’ve heard about the latest and greatest materials out there. They’re told they all cost about the same.

ETFE “Fabric”:

ETFE courtyardThat great clear film you’ve seen at the Summer Olympics in Beijing that allows one to see and be seen.

PV Fabric:

FTL-Solar-Fabric-1That fabric with thin film photovoltaics on top that allows one to capture the sun and make energy.

Retractable Fabric:

large_0811_sw1_2That fabric that is flexible enough to allow one to open and enclose a space at the touch of a button.

Which one do you choose?

It all depends on your application.

Determine the structure with the most benefits for your application and go visit a structure if you can.


One response to “Structures with Benefits

  1. I must agree that fabric structure produces festive atmosphere. There are currently several structures to choose from that serves wide purposes. Regardless of how they are going to be used, they are going to be beneficial.

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