Al Fresco is coming

Resort Umbrella-smallI know it doesn’t look that way but Spring is coming across the U.S. and for restaurants and homeowners, it time to eat outdoors.

A couple of things to remember:

1. Coming from the FabricArchitect, you know I’m going to say shade! You need it for sun protection if you have a patio, deck or balcony and if you own a restaurant, you need it for sun and rain protection and it promotes your place too.

2. A patio creates a great dining experience. It says to people walking and driving down the street that this is place that’s alive.

3. Having a patio unfurnished tells robbers that your house may not be occupied. Empty seats out front of a restaurant can tell people that the food is no good or unpopular.

4. If you need a permit, go get one ASAP. In some cities, it takes a long time and everyone is going to try to do it at the same time. Beat the rush.

5. Besides a shade structure, table and chairs, check your outlets and accessories like your grill, mini frig and storage.

Enjoy the rest of the winter.

Here comes the sun.


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