Diary of the FabricArchitect: Research and Design

habitat1 copyIts snowing again.

It seems like it’s always snowing in Upstate New York.

I went to Graduate School at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute where I learned the concept of “Research and Design”.

Architect Phillip Johnson once said “You cannot not know history”. I learned in Graduate School the importance of knowing what’s been done before in order to not make the same mistake and to learn from what’s been done before.

While at school, I took side trips over the weekend to places like Falling Water, The Glass House, Columbus, Indiana and Habitat ’67, just to name a few. Great places, great spaces. I imagined my Dad joining me on my trips. I recall one of my professors telling me that my thesis had to be my passion. Something you would be willing to research for the rest of your life. It was hard to narrow it down back then with so much exciting Architecture being designed and built at the time.

1107-ga-4I spent day and night in the library trying to find a topic that interested me when I came upon a copy of Progressive Architecture featuring the Haj Terminal in Saudi Arabia.  The Haj Terminal was this incredible tented structure airport that covered acres of desert sand. I started reading articles by John Morris Dixon and Tom Fisher on this topic and learned about some of the pioneers in this field.

That was the night I discovered my passion.
RPI thesis 003I wrote my thesis on “Fabric Structures in Housing”.

The concept revolves around the potential benefits of fabric structures to extend living space and improve the physical, social and environmental aspects of a space.

I slept, drank, and dreamed about fabric all day and night at school.

It starts to snow again.

For more to the story: www.fabricarchitect.com


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