Cancelled Job? Hit the Reset button

top_imageI heard a story today about Jetblue cancelling all their flights and hitting the “reset button” because of bad winter weather and new Federal Aviation Administration rules on pilot duty times.

Things have happened over the past few days in the Northeast which have affected schedule, events, and cost. JetBlue says they are reorganizing and “ramping up again to be 100% operational”.

It made me think about projects over the years that have been cancelled because of new rules, lack of funds, “value engineering”, schedule, the economy, etc.

We’ve heard them. Excuses or “things out of our control”.

As the New Year begins, many of us are reinventing ourselves, starting over and hitting the “reset button”.

Project can use a reset button too.

Projects that have been on hold forever or have been cancelled can be looked at again with maybe a different set of eyes or a different strategy.

Clients may have found new sources of money or have re-thought the benefits of getting that project completed.

Designer and engineers may have new people or software that can get things done better and more efficiently.

Fabricators and Contractors may have new equipment and and are looking to try new things to get their year off on the right foot.

Never to early or late to hit the Reset Button.

What do you think?


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