DIY Fabric Structures?

Resort.Patio 002“Do It Yourself”.

There are so many things today that you can do yourself yet we opt to have others do it for us because of time, money and convenience.  The nomads use to create their own shelter from local resources and some creativity. Houses were once built by their owners using local labor and material.

Today, You can order a home and have it shipped to a site almost anywhere in the world. How soon are we from ordering next day delivery new homes and fabric structures?

Can you make a fabric structure yourself?

It all depends on what your definition of a fabric structure is. You can buy a piece of fabric and stretch it over a  space to give you shelter and call it a fabric structure but  from my experience, people want and expect more.

You can buy a shed or a piece of furniture with instructions and do it yourself or have someone do it it for you with more experience.

Today, people rely on the internet and  experts (Architects, Realtor, Contractors, etc.) to find the “best”, “affordable” or “available” solution to their needs.

Have you ever asked for advice on simple solutions to shading an area, covering a space, reducing your building’s energy use, branding or cladding an old facade?


Do it with some help.


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