New Years Resolutions start early this year is born

its about peopleThat’s me in the middle.

After 13 years at FabriTec Structures, I am looking for new opportunities and partners. I have formed a new company called to offer sales, marketing, design assistance and project coordination to clients worldwide.

With over 20 years of experience in this unique field of Architecture working as an Architect, Project Manager and in Business Development for a number of firms, I now offer my unique services to the entire industry.

Exciting? Yes. Stressful? Yes.

I have worked on a variety of projects in a variety of materials from awnings to dome stadiums. I have experience working with clients, designers and architectural firms on new materials and new products in the market and have coordinated projects around the world.

The world is changing and this field is changing too. or is it? Some might argue that the industry is flat and not growing. Others will say there are structures being built around the world, its booming.

If a fabric structure was built in a forest, would any one know about it?

We need to find ways to “make a bigger pie” and find new ways to get these structures published and used in other building types besides airports and stadiums, to name just two.

The goal of is to grow the industry and help people get fabric structures built. With a growing number of people, vendors, facilities, materials and products out there, the process of selling, marketing, designing and building fabric structures needs to change.

Examples of what will offer:

• Represent companies at meetings, trade shows and for short and long term assignments.
• Prepare and present Continuing Education presentations and assist manufacturers looking to get specified with Architects.
• Advise Architects, Engineers, Fabricators and Contractors on designs, details, estimates and best practices.
• Research and offer the most appropriate product and service based on the need.

I started in 2008, primarily to educate people on Fabric Structures and promote my book, Fabric Architecture: A resource for creative solutions in Shade, Signage and Shelter. It has evolved into an online resource to link partners and products to clients and consultants.

Social Media is not the future but the present. Few in this industry are using it with a passion. What I’ve learned over the past year is that there is so much information and content out there. The winners are the people with a story and a pretty picture. Fabric Structure images are like no other. Its the story behind the structures which needs to be told.

San PetronioWhat’s your story?


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