Fabric Structures on Ebay?

SAMSUNGNot exactly.
But when the mechanical system on top of Ebay’s building in Draper, UT is in need to be covered, fabric structures is an ideal solution.

It all started with a phone call and a picture of the existing condition. A huge AC cooler on top of a brand new building designed by the SmithGroup. Drive to and from the building and you can tell that it takes away from a beautiful glass and steel structure sitting on IMG_0231the desert landscape.

The solution is simple. Build a steel frame and enclose the frame with some kind of cladding. A couple of issues come to mind. In Utah, there is heavy wind and snow. The cladding will need to be able to take that. Traditional cladding materials like perforated metal or plastics might work but besides being expensive by themselves, they would require alot more steel frame work  to attach to. Also, they are bulking and require cranes and other equipment to get them on the roof and support them during install.

Fabric is lightweight, fire resistant and comes in a variety of colors and widths. Once we got the shop drawings of the steel frame, we could then make membrane panels in our shop, ship them to site, get them on the roof easily and install them in a timely manner.ebay 7

This solution is not just for new construction. Many building’s roofs require screening, shading and new ways to improve their overall appearance. Architectural Fabrics have life spans of 10, 20 and even 30 years. All our designs are looked at by designers, engineers, project managers and installer who know all about roofs.

Send us a bid or let us make you an offer.


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