Green Fabric Architecture

TF.sun shades 002I’ve been involved in the fabric structure industry since 1985 when I came upon an issue of Progressive Architecture featuring white tension fabric structures made of Teflon coated fiberglass. The Haj Terminal in Saudi Arabia was on the cover of construction magazines all over the world and the idea of creating “modern tents” for the modern nomad was on the horizon. The terminal was designed to produce natural ventilation and protect millions of passengers from the hot desert climate.Lightweight structures was hot.

Twenty five plus years later, these unique structures continue to be seen around the world . Fabric Structures, retractable fabric roofs, ETFE “transparent” structures and textile facades are now quite common and on many drawing boards as the solution for shade, signage and shelter.

Today, “Sustainability” and “Being Green” are the key words in the building industry. Only a couple of years ago, “Green” Design and Construction approached Sustainability as “doing the right thing.” Today, the client and market are demanding all things be “Green”.

How do fabric structures fit?

Fabric Structures are the original “sustainable” roof. The design and membrane are adaptable to its environment. The membrane can be retractable, it can be designed to increase air movement, it can reflect the sun’s rays and reduce the amount of energy needed to provide human comfort in a building. It reduces heat island effect and is made with materials that are recyclable.

Fabric structures are not all about dome stadiums and large airports. They come in all shapes and sizes and they are used in educational, healthcare, assisted living, commercial, institutional, parks, retail, and industrial facilities, just to name a few.

Being under a shade structures or sitting under a fabric structure to eat, watch a sport or relax is priceless.

Go Green Fabric Structures.


2 responses to “Green Fabric Architecture

  1. I’m interested in a tensioned fabric canopy for my garden to cover over a small patio. Why is no one offering small scale clear single layer etfe canopies for home and garden use as an alternative to glass or hard plastic? Surly this must be a huge market. Have you come across any such suppliers, especially in the UK.

    Thanks for any advise, great website.

    • Thanks Simon. I agree and have had alot of discussion on it with people in the industry. I, myself, never seem to get far with ETFE suppliers or manufacturers. The other route is to go with a “clear” vinyl but the material tends to get yellow rather fast. I continue to look and research. When I have my product ready I will let you know. cheers.

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