“W” Fabric Structures

The FabricArchitect look at Fabric Structures from A to Z is coming to a close and we are now on the letter “W”.
The words that come to mind are:

Wedding Tent
Wind Load


Fabric Structures, because of their “sail-like” qualities and components, always seem to work well along waterfront properties. The key to doing waterfront structures is in the finishes. Paint finishes need to be of the highest grade. Cables and hardware should be stainless steel or galvanized with a plan to service and prevent them from rust or corrosion. The membrane should have the best topcoat.

Wedding Tent

The wedding tent has been around as long as weddings have. There is something about an outdoor wedding with some fabric shade or shelter that people still want for their special day. Rental companies have made a living creating these “outdoor rooms” and some enclosed facilities cover outdoor patio areas so people can have the best of both worlds.

Wind Loads

A very common question asked by clients is if it can take “our wind”. Waterfront, Hurricaine zone, rooftop, etc. No two locations are alike and that’s why when you are looking for a custom designed tension fabric structure,  you want to make sure the designer, engineer or fabricator is going to do a structural analysis and take into consideration the local and site wind loads. Wind loads vary from 50 to over 150 mph in some locations. Results from a wind load test can effect the size of your structural system, the size of your foundations and even the membrane you use. Pre-engineered structures are tested for specific wind loads. Make sure the product you are getting will satisfy your building department or have it modified to meet local code.

Got any ideas for “x”, “y” and “z”? Let me know.


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