Fabric Structures and “U”

The FabricArchitect has been writing all year about Fabric Structures from A-Z. Today I am going to talk about the letter “U”. There is no finer example of the letter “U” than the umbrella. The umbrella is universally understood and it comes in all sizes and materials. The shape of the umbrella has been tested but there is no challenging the classic shape which uses minimum surfaces and patterns. Some umbrellas are retractable, some are permanent. Some are quite small and simple, some are quite big and complex. Some collect water, while others do not. Hard to go thru life without experiencing an umbrella.

Umbrella (small)

Love TUUCI and MDT-Tex umbrellas. Beautiful umbrellas that can be seen at home, cafe, resort, etc.


Umbrella (Medium)

Love fully engineered structures from the likes of Fabritec, Birdair and Fabric Architecture. These structures are engineered to local code and built to last.

Umbrella (Large)

Large umbrellas offer the most covereage and provide the most dramatic spaces.  With custom peaks and edge conditions, these structures provide shade and shelter for a versatile space.

On to “V”


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