Fabric Structures and “L”: Losberger, Light and Lessons

This week we look a the the letter “L”.

It’s August here in the US and its hazy, hot and humid!

When its hot, people look for shade. Even my little big guy Elwood, nickname “L”,  is smart enough to know where to find good shade.

When I think of the letter “L”, the following comes to mind:

  • Losberger
  • Light
  • Lessons


Losberger is a European manufacturer of tents made with aluminum box beams found around the world. Real nice and clean. If you are looking for temporary structures with permanent looks, check them out. Other companies making simliar structures include Fabritec, DeBoer, Roder, and Neptunus.


Fabric Structure are commonly considered when there is a need for a “lightweight” structure that uses a “light” material that allows daylight and is reflective enough to create spectacular lighting experiences.

Less is more, Light is more, Fabric is even better.

I often get asked what color fabrics are available for fabric structures or why are all fabric structure white.

The answer is simple.

When you are under a fabric structure where the membrane is a color, because of the material’s translucency, your skin will tend to have the pigment of that color. For example, if you are under a yellow tent, you will tend to be “yellow”, green, “green”. You get the idea. You don’t want to have your picture taken under a pink or blue tent. My advice is to stay with white (it doesnt go out of style) and invest in the lighting.


When its hazy, one needs protection from the element. When its hot, protecting one from direct UV and heat gain is essential. When its humid, natural ventilation would be great to have.

Designed properly and with the right material, a fabric structures works well to combat the hazy, hot and humid days of summer. Its does pretty well in the Fall, Winter and Spring too.

In twenty years of doing this, There are still lessons to be learned.

I break it down to Design, Detail and Delivery.

Design takes time. One can design the same form in two different places and you will get different results. The shade will be different. Natural ventilation will be different. How it is seen from a distance will be different. Take time to review the design.

Details takes will. Details can make or break a design. Details can also make or break a project financially. Some details are cheap. Some are expensive. Many times, you get what you pay for it.  Details come in all shapes and sizes. Some seen, not seen but all play a role in the overall design.

Delivery is more than just a package. Just because the structures has arrived on site that doesn’t mean the job is done. 99% of a fabric structures is not built on site. It’s built in a controlled environment and should be shipped with great care. The final 1% is the installation and seeing the structure installed properly, the membrane tight as a drum and the structure performing is the goal. That means doing what it says it was going to do. Shade, shelter and more.

See you in September to talk “M”.


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