10 Fabric Architecture Trends for 2011

1. Fabric Structure Brands will become essential:

There will be a need to buy from a company with Experience. Too many “fly by night” fabricators will continue to show up out from no where. Consumers are too smart.

2. Consumers will challenge the Industry:

Consumers will challenge the industry with never before heard of ideas for fabric structures. You can Follow, Lead, Adapt  or be left behind.

3. Price will continue to be King:

Yes. It’s good to be the King but relationship and comfort are a close second. You want to feel comfortable with the person or company you are working with. Ask for a discount and look out for a discount if you purchase material in advance.

4. Made in the USA:

We , in the USA, always find our clothes and products are being made overseas. Because of the declining dollar, there will be a trend to see more things like fabric structures being made in the USA.

5. Wear the brand proudly:

Coffee cups, pens and USB sticks will be replaced with shirts, hats and other clothing as gift and promotional items. We will all be walking billboards of our building products. I want a FabricArchitect T-shirt!

6. Healthy products and Services will be desirable:

Healthy products and services will expand beyond food and drink and personal trainers. Look for fabric structures which provide health benefits and reduce your spending.

7. Social Media will be your best advisor and critic:

You can Google people and companies but Social Media will give you up to the minute stats on structures, places and things and the good, the bad and the ugly.

8. Give, Donate, Dedicate will outperform Self-Promotion:

Iconic structures will not be the main reason for investing in a fabric structure. It will be to give people shade without them asking, donate a simple structure to your alma mater as a thank you, dedicate an entry canopy or a walkway cover without the desire to cut a ribbon.

9. Spontaneity requires shade.

We live in a fast paced society with special events going on a round the world from concerts to meetings to overnight festivals. We also built so fast during the last ten years we forgot to provide added protection. Protection from the elements will be a need not a want.  Look for temporary to permanent buildings, exterior shading devices on the outside and unique shading devices on the inside.

10. The color of Fabric Structures?:

Fabric Structures have gone from white (the color) to green (recycle, reduce, reuse) to blue (produce energy, provide benefits, perform).

The sky’s the limit.


2 responses to “10 Fabric Architecture Trends for 2011

  1. Great concept . . . . a FabricArchitect T-shirt!
    Any chance you be at the IFAI Tent show in January?

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