Metrodome Collapse: The end of an era in Fabric Structures?

We are living in interesting fabric structure times.

An air-supported structure like the Metrodome which recently collapsed is a structure that uses air to support itself.

The air is generated by electrical or gas powered systems and as utility prices have risen, so has the cost of operating these kinds of buildings.

However, they are still inexpensive to build in comparison to buildings requiring major structural systems.

Among its many uses beyond sports and recreation facilities, air structures are used for warehousing, and temporary shelters.

They are fun structures to be in.

The collapse of the Metrodome might raise new questions about the future of this stadium, a new stadiums or who is going to pay for this but don’t let mother nature end your want or need of air supporterd structures.

They are safe and cost effective structueres and have their place in Architecture and Construction.




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