Covering Sports with Fabric Structures

by Sam Armijos

It seems that there is never a loss for sports coverage; new players being signed, stadiums being built, games being played, stats, scores and standings.

From professional sports to neighborhood clubs, there is plenty going on in the world of sports.

Sports revolves around two essential elements: the players and the spectators. The players have rules and regulations to abide to while the spectator is there to be entertained and to root for the players on the field.

For players to perform at their best, they need to have the best facility by which to play from. For the spectator to enjoy their experience, they need to be made comfortable.

Pretty simple, right?

Many sports, in particular soccer, play special attention to the design of their facilities for not only the players but the spectators.

For example, Shade.

FIFA or the International Federation of Association Football has a number of rules and regulations regarding the design of stadiums. Approved stadiums are required to provide shade not only for the players but for the spectators.

The best solution?

Fabric Structures, of course.

Look around.

All the major soccer stadiums around the world are getting it.

They are using shade structures to cover their seating areas and these structures are also providing shade on the field.

Fabric Structures are not only for the big stadiums.

NCAA, minor leagues sports, club teams and public and private schools need to start looking at shading their sports facilities.

Besides protecting spectators from harmful UV rays, they transform new and existing facilities like no other material.

These things pay for themselves in providing potential corporate or alumni sponsorships and “if you build it, they will come.”

How much is this going to cost?

To design, engineer and fabricate a fabric structures for a sports facility, its fair to say its in the range of $100 square foot but that’s a budget.

The true cost comes in looking at your design, your location, the size of your project and most importantly, your budget.

Let’s talk sports then lets build something together.


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