Solar Panel my Parking Lot!

New England companies set sights on China | Cooler Planet News.

Interesting article on companies venturing into China to sell their Solar energy systems. There are a ton of programs and incentives geared toward solar power systems here in the USA.

How come these things are not taking off here or anywhere?

I think its fear of the unknown and the lack of REAL numbers to understand the “payback” on these systems.

The best use of solar powered systems in the US is for covered parking. They can do many things:

cover cars (protect people from the elements)

collect the suns energy (send electricity back to the grid)

reduce maintenace (snow)

collect water (if designed properly)

Reduce Heat Island effect (what’s that? Just ask)

Wouldn’t it be great to see that eyesore of a parking lot at your local stadium, airport or shopping mall, doing some thing else than just “being there”.




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