A New Age in Sports Stadiums

No job is too big or small for using Fabric Structures.

We are in a new age in sports stadium design and construction. Just take a look in North America alone on all the news stadiums which have been built in the last 5 to 10 years from Phoenix Cardinal Stadium in Arizona to Cowboy Stadium in Dallas to The New Meadowlands Stadium in New York and now,  under construction, BC Place in Vancouver, Canada.

FabriTec Structures, the company I work for, is one of the companies participating in the construction of a new roof for the 30 year old structure which use to have old air structure installed by Birdair.

The recent World Cup in South Africa showcased a number of new sports facilities and the primary material being used is Fabric.

Fabric is ideal for stadiums.

You can clad both new and old stadiums to give it a new look. It can be used horizontally for both shade and acoustical purposes. You can use fabric that can be retractable when needed too.

They are not only for large stadiums.

One can use them on small fields from local ball field in your community to high schools, colleges and club fields for shading both spectators and players.

Check out this video.


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