Fabric Structures and Pizza? How do you like yours?

I recently read an article from Jeffrey Gitomer and it made me think of fabric structures, what else!

What images come to mind when you hear the word “pizza”? What toppings come to mind? What restaurants come to mind? What service comes to mind?

Pizza is universally understood. Pizza offers choices that match your desire.

You get to CHOOSE how you want your pizza to be prepared.

He calls it the “Pizza Philosophy”.

What does that have to do with fabric structures?

If you are shopping for a fabric structure be it an umbrella, canopy, awning or tension membrane structure, are you getting what YOU want?

Ask your Fabricator the following questions:

1. What kind of materials can you fabricate?
2. How fast can you turn around my order?
3. Are you available 24/7?
4. Can you provide me with Letters of Recommendations TODAY?

Will you give me what I want?

The answer to the above questions are simple:

1. I can fabricate from any material YOU want, however, thru experience, I will recommend the best material based on your application and budget.

2.  Turnaround time is subjective. Design takes time and so does the entire process.  I always remember the commercial about wine. “We will serve no wine before its time”. Ever have pizza that is not fully cooked? Don’t let fabricators tell you that they can speed thru a process and complete your job without providing a realistic schedule.

3. Don’t let anyone tell you that they are only open from 9-5, Monday thru Friday. With technology, for better or worse, people are and should be accessible. Make sure your fabricator gives you a person and contact information that is available 24/7.  It’s the least one can do.

4. References are always hard to come by but fabricators love to say they are “available upon request”. Test that comment. Get one ASAP.

Lastly, We covered your wants. Its time to discuss your needs.

Some time there are things that are forgotten like lighting, signage and other items which might have slipped your mind. That’s what I’m here for.

Can I take your order?


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