Let it Rain. Its got you covered

Fabric Structures can handle any weather.

Its raining here in the Northeast but that shouldn’t stop you from your daily routine. It seems that fabric structures have been used since the beginning of time to provide protection from the elements. It started with a simple shelter for human habitation and now these “structures” are getting bigger and better. They enclose malls, stadiums and airports, to name a few.

But that’s not to say that fabric structures don’t come in small, medium and large sizes too. In fact, they come in all shapes and sizes and they do not only provide protection from the elements.

You can now get fabric structures that not only shed water but collect it for a “rainy day”. The water collected can be used for landscaping or grey water use in buildings.

Fabric structures can also clad a building to provide protection from all types of weather (rain or shine). We call it Textile Facades. You can call it Fabric Architecture.

What’s the last thing you had cancelled due to weather? Now picture that event covered with a fabric structure.

Let the show go on!


One response to “Let it Rain. Its got you covered

  1. I especially like that fabric structures can be used to collect water run off that wopuld otehrwise go to waste. Grey-watering is so important and so easy to do – both in the home environment and at work. And fabric structures do the work for you. -Maybe I’m biased, but a fabric structure is the single most intelligent way to both protect the elements, and protect yourself. 🙂

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