Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Fabric Structures

Patti Abrecht and Sam Armijos Bring Earth, Air, Water and Fire to ASLA

OK, its not Earth, Wind and Fire but its pretty close.

Patti Abrecht and I, both of USA SHADE & Fabric Structures Inc., will be at this year’s American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) Convention and Exposition in Washington DC, September 10th through 12th.

This year’s ASLA theme is “Earth, Air, Water and Fire.” You can visit with us at booth #1726 during the day arrange some networking time at night!

Patti Abrecht, ASLA, is an Architectural Specialist for Shade Structures located in Costa Mesa, California. As a Landscape Architect, she brings a wealth of experience to practicing designers looking for creative ways to shade their sites with fabric shade structures.

You should know me by now. I’m an Architect and Northeast Director of Sales for Fabritec Structures located in Fairfield, New Jersey.

Together we are bringing Earth, Air, Water and Fire to ASLA!

Fabric Structures are lightweight structures made of durable and sustainable fabrics used to provide shade, shelter and more. Because these structures are lightweight and require small foundations, they shade the earth with minimal impact on the soil. These structures can be designed to improve air movement and ventilation in a space and provide added shade for human comfort. Fabric Structures can also be designed with membranes that collect water which can be used for landscaping and grey water systems. All our fabric structures use materials that are fire retardant or non-combustible which means they all pass the fire codes required for your site and application.

And that’s just the beginning. See you in DC.


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