The Calm before the Storm

It’s coming. I can feel it. The recession is over. The need is coming. Shade, Signage, Shelter with Fabric Structures.

It begins with an idea followed by a request for budget numbers.

It continues with questions of design, durability and materials.

It then goes to design development and engineering to get approvals and reactions loads.

It follows with proposals and firm pricing and then finally its decision time.

Ready, Set, Go!


One response to “The Calm before the Storm

  1. EVERYONE needs shade – we live on one hot planet! Funny story about “needing” shade. My boyfriend mentioned to his barber last week that I had secured a new job with a company specializing in tension fabric shade structures. His barber was elated! He asked my boyfriend, “do you think she could hook me up with a shade structure for my outdoor dance floor?” (I know what you’re thinking, what kind of barber shop has an outdoor dance floor) Turns out he wasn’t looking for a shade structure for – uhem, “professional” reasons – he was looking for a custom-built shade structure to cover his home backyard dance floor. Apparantly the girls had been complaining about the cement burning their feet, and the pole burning their bums. True story.

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